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What Steel Best For Make Knife
- Nov 09, 2017 -

There are many materials that can be used as knives, pure carbon steel and stainless steel, which are all in your own. But remember, blade steel is one of the most important factors that determines your ability to perform. Different blade steel presents different performance characteristics; Many popular blade steel is often the wrong choice when used as a cutting tool. And, in fact, the best knife steel knives are often third-rate. So the premise of choosing steel must understand the performance of steel. In any case, the steel of the cutter determines the direct performance of the tool. 

 Today's knives are usually made of these three types of steel. According to metallurgical point of view, the most simple steel is often referred to as plain carbon steel (Straight carbon steel, today, actually there is no longer what kind of business is the real pure carbon steel, steel they contain other alloy elements). The pure carbon steel we are talking about here refers to steel such as 1040, 1060,1095. Their internal structure is simple, straightforward; And when they are properly treated, they are extremely aggressive, good impact resistance and strong cutting ability. Superior cutting quality and high strength make them an obvious choice to make a fighting knife or survival cutter. Their only drawback is that the lack of gloss and lack of maintenance will create rust problems in the process of use. This factor has led many to ignore the value of their use and instead look for other tool steel. However, in this way, people are getting some fashion and convenience while sacrificing cutting performance and strength. There is almost no such pure carbon steel knife on the market


Stainless steel is the second most important steel material we are talking about. The common stainless steel is 440a-440b-440c, 420c-420hc, 154CM, ATS-34 ATS -55, N690CO, etc


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