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What Is The Production Process Of Non-standard Blades
- Apr 21, 2017 -

First, for non-standard blade production process, the 1th step is closing, according to customer requirements design and publish samples. Design should consider the function of the knife, but also pay attention to its characteristics. The 2nd step is the preparation, according to the number of customer-determined blades, the required non-standard blade materials for multi-layer grinding. The 3rd step is grinding, mold master using the advanced customization tools, according to the first step of the drawings customized. The 4th step is customized, strictly in accordance with GB requirements. such as the interface location, angle. Such non-standard blades are qualified. The 5th step is inspection. According to the requirements of GB to carry out the testing of the corresponding projects. The most important is the blade hardness and wear-resisting parameter detection. The 6th step is packaging. According to customer requirements for qualified non-standard blades for normal plastic or vacuum packaging.