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Tool Coating Technology
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Coated cutters formed on a relatively soft cutter substrate with a layer of high hardness, good abrasion resistance, metallic or nonmetallic compound films (such as TiAlN, Tic, tin, Al2O3, etc.) are a revolution in the development of cutting tools. Compared with the uncoated cutter, the coated cutter has the obvious superiority: significantly reduces the friction coefficient and improves the tribological performance and the ability of the cutting tool surface; significantly improves abrasion resistance and impact toughness, improves cutting performance of cutter, improves machining efficiency and tool life, improves the oxidation resistance of the cutter surface, so that the cutter can withstand higher cutting heat, it is advantageous to improve cutting speed and machining efficiency, and enlarge the application range of dry cutting. In the advanced manufacturing industry, more than 80%% of cemented carbide tools and high-performance high-speed steel cutting tools have adopted the surface coating technology, while CNC machine tools used in cutting tools more than 90%% is coated cutter.