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Storage Settings For Non-standard Blades Are Critical
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Non-standard blade in the cutting process is strictly prohibited, non-standard blades should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, so that it can prevent spoilage. In storage time to leave the ground and walls more than 200 mm, leaving all the heating body a meters above, should be timely to avoid sunlight exposure, should be strictly prohibited under the sun. In addition non-standard blade it is made of stainless steel, in storage and storage of the appropriate amount of adding some moth-proofing agent, non-standard blade maintenance is also a critical one, it is best to use neutral washing liquid to clean, do not and other blades, using hand washing, can be very good to avoid the rust of stainless steel, washing water temperature should be controlled under 40 ℃. Rinse with warm water when you can, washing time as short as possible, but must be fully adjusted, so that the residual detergent can be cleared, it has flame retardant oil performance.