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Hardware Tool Industry Promotes Manufacturing Development
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Modern China's manufacturing industry is now quite mature, hardware tools to support the manufacturing industry is very critical, especially cemented carbide tools, as modern industry teeth, the impact of the manufacturing industry is very large. China's manufacturing industry continues to develop high-speed, the total scale of machinery industry and total production after the United States, ranked second in the world, the export has exceeded Germany, the world's first, China has become a veritable manufacturing power. However, China's manufacturing is a big country, but not a powerful country, the development of hardware tools in China has a heavy shoulder. Science and technology are the first productive forces. China hardware tool industry should first develop advanced and efficient tools, especially with cemented carbide cutter-based high-end cutter, with domestic high-end knives instead of foreign imports, recapture the market occupied by this part of the attention to after-sales service, only in this way, China's tool industry can be revitalized.