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Folding Knife
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Folding Knife, one of the knife, can be folded. The folding knife is mainly in the shaft front end with the pivot assembly to pivot a rotating into the knife body, the knife body is fitted with a safety buckle relative to the side of the cutter body, with a elastic strip relative to the rear end of the cutter, wherein the rear end of the knife is provided with a offset and a concave part which can be offset by the elastic strip, and the safety fastener has a warped elastic buckle part. A knife body of the rear end of the holder of the top offset is mounted to a fixed knife body, which is arranged in the holder Chamber of the shank, and at one end is fixed and the other end reaches the offset part of the knife body. The thrust of the tool holder is provided with auxiliary pushing for the rotary shaft of the knife body from the hilt, and the folding knife of the utility model has the function of folding and closing of the conventional folding knife. As well as the simple semi-automatic operation way of rotating positioning with elastic push cutter body, further to simplify the structure design, make its overall thickness shrink, to facilitate folding knife collection and carry, make folding knife operation more simple and easy.