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Development Process Of Profiled Blade
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Profiled Blade workpiece has been born for a long time, with the progress of science and technology, three-dimensional computer aided design has been widely used in product design, engineering design, process design and assembly process of the area such as the level of development needs computer-assisted technology, especially in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Finite element method (FEM), to promote research and analysis of product-related construction, thermal conductivity, and use of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) tools to determine trajectory planning, Work already penetrated into various fields has been effectively utilized. The cutting simulation technology, including the development of two aspects, is the development of profiled blades to display motion and judgment tools, blade and workpiece clamps and whether to interfere with. In the milling process, the most basic work is to remove the edge of the cutter surface through the envelope is part of the processing material, so that the retention process has become part of the surface. The software to accomplish this type of processing should include the following: Blade, blade clamp, workpiece and fixture, such as coordination, machine tool spindle and its working range may be able to truly cut tools and machine tools simulations, and other actions. In recent years, in particular, the importance of the five-axis machining due to the increasing actual processing of the NC simulation has become serious.