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Design Essentials Of Non-standard Blades
- Apr 21, 2017 -

1 Structural design requirements: material Selection-according to customer requirements, casting-casting is mainly to improve the density of materials, at the same time will produce unnecessary hardness. Annealing-The hardness can be drastically reduced to facilitate finishing. Finishing process--mainly processing the embryo material. Quenching--improves the hardness of the molding product. Insulation-in order to increase the abrasion resistance of the product, it must be heat preservation for a long time. First grinding-grinding product precision, gloss, parallelism, etc. Test-to deny unqualified products to the market. Packaging--different packaging according to different products. Finished products-waiting for shipment. According to the level requirements to provide different styles, and the use of different materials customized, so that the blade parts maintain anti-rust continuity, so as to meet the high level non-standard blade requirements.