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Daily Production Management System Of Non-standard Blade
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Non-standard blade as a fairly economical tool, in different areas and the industry can play a more important role, but also according to the needs of merchants and the special nature of the industry to produce different specifications, and design for the appropriate way to take, so that businessmen and enterprises to obtain more convenience. With the continuous development of our country's economy, the demand for the non-standard blade has increased, and we can find that such products are used in the electronics industry, automation equipment and industrial manufacturers and other fields, so in the day-to-day production and processing process, the need to establish what kind of day-to-day management system? First, the non-standard blade production workshop must have a sound management system, and according to the workshop equipment and the number of staff, a daily effective design and organization of production and processing, to ensure that the production of products can meet the day-to-day needs. Secondly, after the entire non-standard blade production process is determined, the staff can not be arbitrarily changed, if the production process in the detection of errors, the first time must notify the supervisor, and stop operation.