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Commonly Used Food Blade Specifications And Kinds Of Kinds Of
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Many customers need to buy commonly used food blade specifications are: U-type, V-type, L-type, O-type, W-shaped, special requirements can be arbitrarily customized dimensions; General electronics enterprises are mainly looking at what electronic products, demanding high, general situation recommended use anti-rust, wear-resistant food blade, blade quality is very good, but some more sensitive electronic components need better food blade, depending on the situation, the material is generally stainless steel, I want the rust-inhibiting effect of food blade, we should all understand Kazakhstan. The first classification is the application classification of: The medicinal herbs smash slice blade, meat cutter, cut chopper, food cutter, etc., to these blade choice still some attention matters ha, so to ask clearly it, food blade especially should pay attention to its material, performance whether conforms to own production is the requirement. The second category is classified by material: Stainless steel blade food blade, Tungsten carbide profiled blade, food stainless steel blade, stainless steel food blade and other third categories are classified by use: Vegetable grinder blade, Feed grinder blade, seafood grinder blade, wood grinder blade.

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