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What are the methods of purchasing food blades
- Apr 21, 2017 -

1, according to the estimate standard, the most important characteristic of non-standard food blade is to be able to 100% rust prevention, to prevent rust-affected food safety, endanger human safety. Most contemporary safety food blades also add other security features to develop different categories of products. including blade design, to prevent the blade easy to remove slag, these are food blade function. 2, coarse car, the selection of high strength, durability of a good cutter to meet the coarse truck when the large back to eat knife volume, large feed requirements. 3, the precision car, the choice of high accuracy, durability of a good cutter, to ensure processing accuracy requirements. 4, in order to reduce the time and convenience of knife, should try to use the machine clamp knife and blade. 5, industrial food blades as long as the material is stainless steel. The blade is usually directly material, grinder. Polishing process, combining the effect is quite perfect, minimize the slag removal, seepage or angle wear and other phenomena. Food blade with rust, abrasion and puncture and other characteristics, so even in the most arduous working environment, can also be in a fairly durable time, play the role of security. 6, in the purchase of food blades, some units or individuals for convenience, often choose the spot. Spot food blades may be manufactured long, by time, climate, environment, food blade fastness will be reduced, hardness performance, and even impact on safety performance.