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Type of axe shape
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Han· Liu Xi "name and release": "Axe, Fu also, Fu, beginning also." Where the system is to be made, with axe logging, it is also made. "Axe and Yue are rare weapons, Shang in ancient times is not divided, long-handled giant axe named Yue, also called Big Axe, up to 2.66 meters." "Ancient and Modern Note" contained: "Jin Fu Huang Yue Also, Tiega Yue, three generations to cut off". In carpentry, axes are usually cutting down the tree hand tools. Axe Category: Axe (Tomahawk) can be used to throw targets. Axe (BattleAxe) long handle, specially used for fighting axe. The long-handle axe and Yue, ancient times for the immediate use of the heavily, there is "Xiang Hand Xuan Axe", "Mountain Axe", "Yan Moon Axe", "Gold Dip Axe", "Mountain Yue" and "pressure ugly Yue" and so on. The axe with a short handle, a single, double axe, used for the ancient infantry. The short shank is also known as "axe" because of its flat width. Black Cyclone Li Kui use two axe.