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The usage and principle of axe
- Apr 21, 2017 -

The main use of axe is: chop, chop, chop, wipe, smash, hug, intercept and so on. Axe Use principle: Axe is to use the lever principle and the impulse equals the momentum change the quantity principle to operate. With thorns, with hook Yue more thorn, hook two methods, because of the axe and Yue exercises more cumbersome, coupled with many traditional routines have been lost to the brink of lost, so in the martial arts is very rare. Nowadays, the routine in Hong Kong has a whirlwind double axe and a mountain axe in the Shandong Mantis pie. Shang is also used as a instrument of torture. According to the records of the historical records of Zhou Chronicles, Wu Wang conquered the king of Shang Palace, with Huang Yue chopped Zhou King's skull, hanging on the white flag. Until the Han Dynasty still Shang the beheading of torture. Because Shang is a chopper to kill sinners, the history has "Shang the punishment" of the statement.