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The main uses of non-standard blades
- Apr 21, 2017 -

It is also very good for the anti-dissolution performance of non-standard blades. Because this product in the process of production, his manufacturing industry requirements are particularly high, so all his production is completed indoors, and the use of the unique heat treatment, his entire quality can control the product of cutting smoothly. However, this blade also has a certain advantages, in the wet and dry conditions have a strong tensile strength of the situation, the effect of high temperature can be very good performance, and the liquid performance is also very good, has a good operation effect, in addition, his anti-solubility, in the same kind of blade has been considered very excellent, did not add any chemical additives, not easy to drop the paint, will not drop the slag. Non-standard blade application is very extensive, the market is also particularly large, so this year, the non-standard blade is also very popular in domestic and foreign markets!

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