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The historical origins of axe
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Axe traced very early, primitive human, that is known to pick up the stone for the hack. And the earliest bronze axe, see the Shang Dynasty, not only used in martial matter, but also some carved inlay, extremely exquisite, has been used for ceremonial. The Zhou substitute axe is inferior to Shang Dynasty, to the double-front sword out, with the knife and then the axe to use fewer people, only as a chopping Yi tool, or for music and dance ceremonial and chop kill device. Although the axe is not used as a major weapon, but each generation has the axe, especially in the northern region of the nation, like to practice axe weapons. The history of the stone axe can be traced back to several 100,000 years ago. At that time people use rough stone axe, chop hewing utensils, hunting beasts, is indispensable Labor tool one. Ancient Chinese characters "Jin" is the axe to chop wood, so later from the Jin word of the Chinese characters have cut, fold meaning. Yue is evolved from the Primitive Society's labor tool-the stone axe. In the Neolithic cultural ruins, has found a very fine grinding Shi Yue, the Yue body flat, the blade is broad, the arc curvature is large, two corners slightly upturned. This elaborately crafted Shi Yue is apparently unsuitable for deforestation or for farming. Presumably, it is very likely that the ancients specially manufactured original weapons.