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The application range of non-standard blade analysis
- Apr 21, 2017 -

Non-standard blade Application scope is also very broad, generally used in metallurgy, mining, forestry, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry. The anti-piercing strength of non-standard blade is 1 grade, which is suitable for mine, fire, construction, forestry, cold work, machinery industry, etc. And the general non-standard blade, can maintain normal mechanical operation, suitable for textile workplaces, there is a little need to pay special attention, that is to prohibit the use of non-standard blade with a knife using non-standard blades in line with European standards; non-standard blade features large, with dual-density characteristics, more comfortable wear-resisting; anti-rust, high hardness, oil, anti-skid, abrasion resistance, weak acid base; applicable to automotive manufacturing, machining, construction, mining, and other industries.