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Cautions for use of non-standard blades
- Apr 21, 2017 -

1, non-standard blade note 1th, non-standard blade should be used in all materials suitable for the machinery, generally do not use material containing impurities. You must use a uniform specification, otherwise it will affect the performance of the blade. 2, according to different places of processing objects of cutting fluency, selection of different grades of blade materials and processing technology. 3, non-standard blade must be produced with the state stipulated production conditions, to ensure quality. 4, prohibit the non-standard blade placed in flammable and explosive place, pay attention to cherish the blade. 5, non-standard blade serrated sharp, prohibit collision, drop on the ground, must be light to take care. 6, the operation must be with protective cover, working gloves, safety helmets, safe shoes, protective glasses. 7, before installing non-standard blades, you must first confirm the performance and use of the saw table, ensure that the direction of the non-standard blade arrows indicates the direction of cutting and the rotation of the saw table. Non-directional installation, the wrong direction can lead to blade tooth shedding, prevent accidents. 8, the installation of non-standard blades, must first check whether the non-standard blade cracks, distortion, leveling, tooth loss, and other phenomena, then install. 9, use, do not exceed the prescribed maximum speed.